Lizzym Score Spreadsheet!

Lizzym Score Spreadsheet!

Hey Guys 🙂

This whole blogging experience is still new to me so please bear with me!

I came across this spreadsheet a while back and forgot about it. A few days ago I was organizing my computer files and revisited this sheet. It basically gives you a percentile according to your GPA and MCAT scores and “calculates” the likelihood of being interviewed/accepted by a medical school. It also has a factor concerning your home state. Besides all of this, it also contains information regarding those who applied and matriculated- like the percent of people who have research experience. Its a great tool to determine whether or not you should apply to certain schools or even as a motivator to study for a higher GPA and Mcat score because you want to go to a certain medical school.


This spreadsheet DOES NOT garauntee anything! It is just for hypothetitcal reaons based on some facts and startistics. Its a guide, not a solution!

I use the spreadsheet motivate myself during MCAT Prep 🙂


Until next time!


– The Anxious MD



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